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Are you Tired of
Feeling Tired?

Now You Don’t Have to Be.

Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis are complicated chronic conditions. Symptoms like extreme fatigue, hair loss, intestinal distress, brain fog, memory loss, depression, anxiety, skin issues, and chronic aches and pains are common. Did you know that the right nutrition can help alleviate most or all of these issues? Tired of Being Tired? is an easy-to-follow book that can give you advice on:

  • How to Heal the Gut
  • Living a Gluten-Free Lifestyle
  • Important Nutrients/Supplements for Hypothyroidism
  • Following a Paleo and AIP diet
  • Foods that help to balance hormones and manage stress
  • Lifestyle Factors that boost healing

“I wrote this book as a small contribution to help people find their balance and their thyroid health. As a thyroid patient myself, I personally understand the struggles of this chronic condition and my hope is that this book will provide some answers for those that struggle with hypothyroidism.”

Tina Christoudias Spyrou

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